Sunday, February 19, 2012

Found footage films can go get lost again.

When it was released The Blair Witch project came out in 1999 it was a big thing. I remember people thinking the damn thing was actually real and that by some super natural force those kids fell to some horrible fate and magically their footage ended up , to be recovered from virgin soil. It was a hot topic , a cutting edge thing that not many people knew what to think of in the sense if it was real or fake. It was FAKE. I'm sure some people will still argue that but they were on stage to accept their damn awards.

Batman's Greatest Mistake

Batman is known for his ability to get out of about any situation that lands him in dire straights . He's the goddamn Batman and there is just no stopping him. From battles with Superman to saving the world over , and over again he just about always manages to come out on top.

CONTINGENCY PLAN. Bat Family readers know this two word phase really well. Batman always has one. It's his ability to be prepared , trained , and know who what when where how for any situation. A full proof to always be the guy who wins. Grant Morrison's BATMAN R.I.P series showed us that Bats was even prepared for a mental attack if someone were to attempt to break him down and make him even more bat-shit than what the guy already is.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well .........

Been meaning to start up a blog of shit I find awesome in life , and hopefully others do as well. This post here is just me wasting space to put something up to see what it looks like.